What a week!

Wow it feels like forever since I have been on here!

Well nearly…

I have been so bloody busy! I do not help myself! I finally set up my business and my official launch was today!!!!

Check it out at


I also have a fab mothers day giveaway on our fb page…



I have spent weeks upon weeks preparing for this, in between my husband started working nights, we decided to look for a new home, pur out house on the market yesterday and sold today! WHAT?!?!

I am feeling over whelmed!

I know I created all of this along side being a mummy and working my full time job, but it is hard going!

So I have neglected my blog and my yoga 😑 however the perspective new home HAS to have space for a yoga and meditation room, so hopefully things will calm down soon!

Today I took my first diazepam! I am fully aware you should never use another person’s prescription meds. However, I had 7 viewings this morning to manage alone, all within an hour! I had been working non stop the day and eve before to offer the show home experience, finish my day job then perfect the website for the business launch.

I was burnt out! My mum offered me one as I saw her and the verbal diarrhoea and anxiety were very high .

It was fine, everything. I felt calm for the first time in a long time. Wow!

I do not want to be reliant but Wow!! To have a quiet mind is amazing! My thoughts are constantly present with ideas and suggestions that it is exhausting!

Anyway it’s great to be back!!!

Happy Feb!

Got sex appeal?

Have you though?

I used to, I think!

I used to love to don the sexy underwear, low cut tops and short, slinky night wear.

This is me now…..

When did this become acceptable?

I mean I am not moaning, my asda princess pjs are a far more comfortable fit than the old red g string bow I used to try and squeeze myself into. In my jammies I don’t have to breathe in, it is clear I am slobbing, no sexual posture required.


I accept my new look!

I do! I really do…the younger me would have been disgusted that I would wear these with no make up and scruffy hair in front of a guy!!!


The 30 year old me does not care. In fact I now own 10 pairs of princess jammies, my husband actually bought me a beauty and the beast pair for Christmas! That, my younger self, is love.

My 30 year old wardrobe now contains boyfriend jeans and lots of them, t shirts, trainers and padded coats!!!

I started to believe I was having issues with my identity. When I was a psychology student I often was mistaken for a beauty student due to the amount of effort i would make daily.

Now, I have days I don’t wear make up and I wear the clothes mentioned above A LOT!

I went through a phase were I wondered who I was now, as I wasn’t me.

Then I realised I am the true me now. This girl loves Disney! I love comfort and I love the seal of approval I get from my daughter for getting princess jammies, and the freedom to climb frames and run around after her in my trainers and stay warm in my padded coat! I am free! I now can go out without make up. This was big for me. That’s not because I am flawless, I have a skin condition which is awful, however I just don’t care. If my skin needs a break then I will go out bare faced, even to work!

It makes me appreciate my dressed up days or nights (which are rare as I lack serious amounts of energy) feel amazing.

I adore fashion and I adore make up. I do my own gel nails, but this does not define us as women. We put a lot of pressure on our appearance and what we think our love interests would want us in, but we are one.

One human just doing human things. We need to feel comfortable in what ever skin we are donning that day.

Freedom is empowering.

Empowerment is key to confidence.

Confidence is beautiful.

Be you.


The Disney princess slob.

Unfiltered Society….

We are defiantly NOT an unfiltered society. Everyone filters their lives, be it in their photos, pretending at work, playing the “im doing great” role that everyone thinks you need to play in order to appear successful at life.

Today is @mindcharity “Time to talk” day. So to join in with this I am sharing my new joy of the


This is a fabulous company who sell casual sweaters to promote mental health awareness and £10 from each one goes to a charity of your choice!

How amazing is that?

Here is a picture of me and my girl sporting ours….

UNFILTERED messy hair, spots and all. Well this is reality, no one is a glamour puss 247 right?

We have had a bad week, the whole house has been low due to colds etc. But today was good. I am feeling positive about the future and are having more and more open conversations with my close friends and family about my mental health.

It’s so good to talk!

So I have signed up to be an ambassador with the unfiltered society to spread the word and show the world WE CAN TALK, we can be open about our mental HEALTH.

Our health is such a privilege, we should not take for granted. Just as we would ensure we are eating our vegetables and drinking water and moisterise our skin, we also need to look after our minds. Be mindful, be aware, share our knowledge of what helps our mental health and what doesn’t.

If anyone is wanting to help spread the word through fashion please head to:


To see what fabulous sweaters they sell for the whole family!

Daily challenges.

I work with a number of different health professionals. Last week I had a training day with 4 other colleagues.

A topic of discussion came up about mental health, break downs, low mood and bereavement. Within the conversations it was noted several times by my colleagues that they would not have counselling or take medication for their mental health as they wouldn’t want it to tarnish their record, as they didn’t want to be recognised as “mad”.

The frustrations were at an all time high at this point as many negative connotations were thrown around, these are health professionals we are talking about!

These are the people others are supposed to approach and discuss their mental health with and yet they themselves still carry the stigma!

Mental health is as important as physical health, yet the UK still seem to think it is better to hide it, to deny so they do not appear broken. Why? Because we have been conditioned to do so. To keep trying even when you are struggling, to push on through with no offers or empathy or discussion about someone’s stress levels and emotional state.

In today’s society it is more widely recognised but let’s be honest, most people still see the stigma. They still see the “crazy”. We all have a mind, therefore we all have some inclination that this has a health surely?

I recently attended a well being workshop and it was so inspiring. The lack of judgement, open emotions and support was amazing. We need more of this, more publicised cases, more support, it’s openly accepted to attend slimming world for support with weight loss, but not to attend a depression support group? Where do you even find them locally?

I plan to assist by being more open. Educating others about my experience and important it is to look after our minds and support others.

2018 is a new year. Let’s be mindful.